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Glucose Reregulation

This page links several resources:

  • Energetic Glucose Reregulation White Paper - Presents an integrated discussion of the energetic and chemical cofactor matrix which causes a glucose dysregulation.
  • Energetic Glucose Reregulation Protocol - present a nutritional/energetic intervention approach to reverse the cause model described in the white paper and to moderate symptoms.
  • Protocol Guide - Provides an overview of what to expect while you are using the protocol.
  • Resources - provide links to tools that support protocols.

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PEMF Devices supply cellular electricity for healing and stimulate cellular detoxification.

ePad devices emit electrons which neutralize free-radical toxins and inhibit microorganisms.

Lipid Detox removes toxins from fat structures. Lipid toxins bioaccumulate and biomagnify and drive toxic pathology in aging organisms.